Plants have long been known as the lungs of the earth but, a new finding has found they may also play a role in electrifying the atmosphere:

Photosynthesis Re-Genesis I Aromatix 2007Photosynthesis Re-Genesis II Aromatix 2007

Photosynthesis maintains Earth’s habitability for life as we know it, and shapes the way we search for habitable worlds around distant stars. Scientists have discovered a microbe that can use low-energy light to perform photosynthesis. This discovery could alter theories about the types of stars that could support Earth-like worlds. Everyone knows that we as humans literally owe the air we breathe to the greenery around us. As school children we learned that plants (as well as algae and cyanobacteria) perform the all-important biological ‘magic trick’ known as photosynthesis, which helps generate the atmospheric oxygen we take in with every breath.


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