Sustainable Business and Educating Girls

What is Girl Rising?
14 million girls under 18 will be married this year. That’s 38 thousand girls today.       But…
With just 8 years of education a girl is 4 times less likely to be married as a child.
Which means… she will be allowed to wait to have children until she herself is an adult.
Which means…as an educated adult female she is 50% more likely to send her children to school.
Which means…her daughters will be educated.
Read more: Girl Rising

Educated girls and women not only provide a business with a wider future customer base, but also add to the depth and quality of the workforce.      {The Guardian/Partner Zone Unicef}

Educating girls is key to sustainable economic development | Sustainability, therefore, can no longer remain a complementary adjunct to our discourse on development. It must replace it.


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