Massive wind harvesting project to go up in Iowa |

September 2, 2016

Iowa is currently the state with the second-largest production of wind-powered electricity (generating 15 MWh) behind only Texas, which generates 36 MWh. In Iowa, that accounts for a leading 31.3 percent of all electricity consumed.

Unique to the project is a promise made by Des Moines-based MidAmerican that
the installation costs of the turbines will not affect consumer energy bills,
nor will the state be asked to pay for them—instead, MidAmerican will be footing
the $3.6 billion cost itself. It is a utility company offering electricity and
natural gas to customers in Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois and of course, Iowa.
The company has set a goal of getting the state off coal completely and expects
this new project to advance that goal—they project that once the project is fully
operational, and other projects go forward as well, fully 85 percent of the electricity used in Iowa will come from wind powered turbines by 2020.



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